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At the time of European contact in the early 16th century, the Safety Harbor culture dominated the area, with indigenous peoples organized into three or four chiefdoms around the shores of the bay.

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Early Spanish explorers to visit the area interacted extensively and violently with the Tocobagawhose principal town was located at the northern end of Old Tampa Bay near today's Safety Harbor in Pinellas County. While there is a substantial historical record of the Tocobaga and the Calusawho lived far to the souththere is less surviving documentation describing the Pohoy chiefdom, which controlled the area near the mouth of the Hillsborough River near today's downtown Tampa. However, brief mentions by explorers along with surviving artifacts suggest that the Pohoy and other groups that once lived on Tampa Bay had very similar cultures and lifestyles as the better-documented Tocobaga.

There is no natural gold or silver in Florida, and the native inhabitants repulsed Spanish attempts to establish a permanent settlement or convert them to Catholicism. Fighting resulted in a few deaths, but the many more deaths were caused by infectious diseases brought from Europe, which devastated the population of Native Americans across Florida and the entire Western Hemisphere. The indigenous cultures of the Tampa Bay area had collapsed by aroundleaving the west coast of Spanish Florida largely depopulated and ignored for more than years. Cuban and Native American fishermen who established small seasonal camps called "ranchos" on the shores of Tampa Bay.

The sparse civilian population practically abandoned the area during the Second Seminole War from toafter which the Seminoles were forced out and many settlers returned. On January 18,Tampa was officially incorporated as the "Village of Tampa".

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It esx home to civilians, or total residents including military personnel, in Martial law was declared in Tampa in Januaryand Tampa's city government ceased to operate for the duration of the war. Several US Navy ships dex stationed near the mouth of Tampa Baybut small blockade running ships were often able to slip by the blockade to deliver cattle to Spanish Cuba, earning gold for the Confederate cause. The Sagamore withdrew after a few hours, and the Battle of Tampa caused little damage. During the Battle of Fort Brooke on October 16 and the Battle of Ballast Point on October 18,Union forces inflicted serious damage to the city's economy when, under the cover of another bombardment of the fort, troops landed and destroyed two blockade running ships that had been hidden upstream along the Hillsborough River.

They destroyed much of the fort's facilities and confiscated the remaining military supplies except for the canons, which they tossed into the Hillsborough River, then left the "desolate" town after two days. In Mayfederal troops arrived in Tampa to occupy the fort and the town as part of Reconstruction.

They remained until August During the immediate post-war period, Tampa was a poor, isolated fishing village with about residents and little industry. Yellow feverborne by mosquitoes from nearby swamps, broke out several times during the s and s, causing more residents to leave. Fort Brooke was decommissioned infurther impacting the local economy in the short run but opening up the waterfront for development in the future. Except for two cannons displayed on the University of Tampa campus, all traces of the fort are gone. Rv lots for rent. Rv parks for no strings gay sex online adult dating, full-service adult dating, meet swingers, chat on it.

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